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Looking for a new fireplace? Baffled by the choice of designs and terminology? This website will offer help in all aspects of fireplaces from materials available to the type of gas fires and electric fires that can be combined with them.

Purchasing fireplaces online can often seem as daunting task however many of the online retailers within the United Kingdom can offer services which far surpass the typical high street shopping experience. Online retailers of fireplaces are not restricted to the size of their showroom and can therefore offer and display a much more vast selection of fireplaces and fire related products on their websites. One of the leading online retailers of this type within the United Kingdom is HotPrice.co.uk

The HotPrice online shopping website offers its customers a huge selection of fireplaces and fireplace products to suit all requirements. Using their search engines one can view many different ranges of fires and fireplaces. For those who do not have a gas supply into the home electric fires are a suitable option. These range greatly in style. For the more modern environment the choice of wall mounted or hole in the wall electric fires which feature the most sophisticated of mechanical flame effects are most popular from manufacturers such as Dimplex and Valor. The Optymist range of Dimplex fires even have a smoke effect to give the illusion of a burning fire. For the more traditional environment inset electric fires and electric stoves tend to be the most popular.

Customers can often find themselves browsing through seemingly endless pages of products which are available to them which on the high street they may not have been made aware of. One of the main advantages of using websites such as HotPrice.co.uk is that the information of each and every product is at the customers fingertips and dependable advice is just a phone-call or email away. Without the costs involved of maintaining a high street shop, the prices are almost always cheaper than those on the high street.

Fireplaces sole function used to be to heat the home. Modern fireplaces are now looked upon as a crucial focal point to your living room and a back-up to central heating. Designs have changed so much and popular styles include wall mounted fireplaces that do not require a hearth, see-through fireplaces that split rooms and can be viewed from both sides as well as more eco-friendly gas fireplaces that are not only kind to the environment but also more cost effective to run.
Most fireplaces consist of a fire surround, back panel & hearth. Fire surrounds are available in a vast choice of materials. Popular choices are stone (either natural stone or man-made materials), wooden fire surrounds such as oak, mahogany, maple etc or marble fireplaces. Cast Iron mantels have also proved popular again and many people love the idea of restoring an antique fireplace back to its original glory and combining it with the very latest high efficient gas fire.

The new style of contemporary fireplaces include wall-mounted designs that do not require a hearth. This saves valuable space in smaller living rooms whilst providing a striking focal point. Many of these gas fireplaces can even be operated by remote control from the comfort of your armchair! The general rule of hole-in-the-wall fires is that open-fronted models tend to offer minimal heat output as the majority of heat produced is lost up the chimney. Open-fronted gas fireplaces are popular with homeowners who are looking to create a cosy feature in their home that they can enjoy most evenings without having to turn the fire off when too hot. Installing a flat-screen television above this type of gas fire is common practice as the low heating properties are unlikely to cause any issues.

Recently, there has been a increase in popularity of glass-fronted gas fires. Fires with glass fronted tend to offer more heat that open-fronted models whilst using less gas. The hottest part of a fire is the gasses it produces. In any glass-fronted gas fire the gasses can linger around the fire bed longer as the glass front stops any fumes from entering the room. This results in a higher efficient fire than open fronted fires which expel the gasses up the chimney or flue far quicker to prevent these poisonous gasses entering the room.

Modern fireplaces are a popular feature in any home across the country and many people presume that most fireplaces can only be purchased from showrooms. However, this is a misconception as many of the major manufacturers of marble and stone fireplaces can now be bought through e-commerce sites such as HotPrice.co.uk. Purchasing a fireplace by this method is secure due to the online payments systems they use such as Sage pay and Google Checkout which means the customer doesn’t even have to leave the comfort of their armchair to buy a fireplace or inset gas fire providing they have a computer with internet connection.

There are hundreds of pages of fires and fireplaces all featuring high resolution images at HotPrice.co.uk showing the mantles at various different angles which in some respect is better than purchasing from a brochure as even showrooms have limited fireplaces on display. The Gallery Fireplaces feature modern designs with natural limestone fire surrounds and fireplace inserts such as cast back panels in arched designs. Some even have reproduction designs with inclined cast interiors with hand embossed tiles for both gas and electric.

Another manufacturer which features on e-commerce sites is British based manufacturer Be Modern, they provide a range of fireplaces which can come complete as a package with a gas fire. The fireplaces are made in a range of neutral colours such as cream and white in various designs and sizes. The delivery of Be Modern products when purchased through HotPrice is quick and efficient and even can be delivered within two weeks! Be Modern have invested in purchasing CNC machinery so they can manufacturer their own gas fires and electric fires at their factories in South Shields.

One of the main benefits of shopping online for a new fireplace is that the choice is almost endless. Regardless of your needs or taste there is guaranteed to be a fireplace out there for you. By using websites such as HotPrice you can browse through the hundreds of different types of fires which are available for purchase in the United Kingdom. Websites such as these often feature filtering systems which can be used to help distinguish the fires and fireplaces which are suitable for your needs from those which are not. For instance by selecting the filter of “electric fires” you can eliminate all gas fires and solid fuel fire choices from your search. By reading reviews you can be sure of the business you choose to purchase from as you will be able to read feedback given by other customers who also chose the same business for their purchase.

HotPrice Fireplaces is based in Manchester. They have a fireplace showroom displaying a stunning range of designs from premium manufacturers such as Elgin & Hall, Gallery Fireplaces, Pureglow, Newman Fireplaces, Cast Tec and many more. Materials include natural marble, micro-grain marble, limestone, timber and sandstone. They also have a huge range of gas fires and electric fires and can discuss the best option of fire for your needs.

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